Nail Tips Mastery: Expert Techniques for Perfect Application!

Nail Tips Mastery: Expert Techniques for Perfect Application!

Nail art tutorial - full/half sticker

The nail plate style is mainly divided into: full patch and half patch two styles

Full Coverage Nail Tips (recommended, newbie friendly)

  1. Semi-frosted nail tips (recommended, good for newbies)
  2. Overall hard nail

Scope: Starting from the back edge of the nail surface, the nail covers the whole nail surface.
Advantages: easy to operate, fast speed.
Disadvantages: long time to come out, the rear edge and the nail will have obvious steps (prongs).

Semi-covered nail tips

Scope:Starting from 1/3 of the nail surface, the half sticker needs to be molded to fill in the grooves. Advantages:Higher degree of adhesion can be matched with most of the nail types.
Disadvantages: The operation needs to polish the joint marks, so that the nail piece and the nail surface natural convergence.

Note: Generally paste the nail piece to choose the upper part of the softer more appropriate, if the upper part of the thicker, you can slightly use the rubbing strip to polish a little use.

Nail tip color: clear, translucent (milky), frosted, semi-frosted, colored

Nail tip shapes: teardrop, square, round, trapezoidal, almond, long and short, many styles

Nail tips size:0 ~ 11 number, 0 largest, 11 smallest; the number is only a reference to compare, the actual operation of each nail surface to compare: now commonly used full/half dual-use non-marking / no carving and grinding of the nail plate, to be combined with the reinforcement, molding

Nail tip size selection: how to choose the right size of the nail tip, full sticker nail if the two sides of the nail can completely cover our nails, just overlap so that the size of the nail is just right, the nail choice would rather big than small.

Choice of glue: There are two types: nail glue (recommended) and adhesive.

Nail Glue:
Advantages: no need to shine the light, easy to operate fast, strong adhesion
Disadvantages: easy to white, easy to have bubbles, paste to be accurate, can not be repeated

Nail Solid Gel:
Advantages: not easy to foam, not white, high viscosity, can be adjusted before the lamp position
Disadvantages: need to use with light therapy lamp

Steps for applying nail art

1、Trim dead skin
2、Polish the nail surface, trim the length of the nail, keep 1mm (when applying The nail plate, it is not easy to hide the glue under the nail).
3、Apply Nail Patch


Selection of Nail Piece:
Choose and nail surface on both sides of the stable and nail (rather big than small, that is: I would rather choose quietly a little bigger, not to choose a particularly small, if there is really no particularly suitable, according to the customer's nail type slightly polished)

Apply nail glue:
Brush the glue to 1/3 position of the nail, brush the right amount of glue, in order to prevent the upper edge of the nail from warping, you can use the nail glue to bring the upper edge of the nail.

Paste the nail:
The first step: first with the glue on the surface of the nail from the top to slide down a bit, so that the entire surface of the nail covered with nail glue.
The second step: then put the nail plate to the nail surface press tightly, squeeze out the air bubbles, pause 5-6s, and then let go (full sticker on the nail from the nail surface and the upper end of the nail plate to the upper end of a steady fit to stick, half sticker from the nail surface 1/3 position sticker)

Steps for applying nail art:

4、Trim the length of the nail and polish the surface and shape of the nail.
√ Trim the nail to the appropriate length
√ Polish the nail surfaces so that there are no reflections.
√ Shape the nail to your liking
√ Clean the nail surface by wiping off the dust with a cotton pad.

5、The primer needs to be illuminated for 60s

6、Reinforcement adhesive / molding adhesive, needs to be illuminated for 60s
Full nail: only one layer of reinforcing gel is needed.
Semi-sticker nail: Because semi-sticker nail is sticking the nail piece from 1/3 of the nail surface, so you need to use reinforcing gel/plasticizer to go to the back edge position, slightly coated with a thicker layer to level the nail surface, and it is recommended to use reinforcing gel for good shaping.

7、Coat color glue, each layer of light
8、Coat reinforcement glue
9、Coating sealing layer

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