How Do Beginners To Use Acrylic Brush For Nail Art?

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Hi,do you know or use nail acrylic brush?

I will use this black marbled rose gold acrylic brush as an example, if you need it you can click on the picture and the link to buy it.

First,The hair of a acrylic brush is usually made of sable hair. Acrylic brush could be divided into 5 parts: nib, body, root, hoop and barrel.


Generally speaking there are two types of crystal pens,Rugular Acrylic Brush and 3D Brush.


One brush is Regular Acrylic Brush,This type of acrylic brush has a pointed tip, a long body and more bristles and could be dipped into a lot of acrylic nail liquids and various acrylic nail powders to spread the base colour, mostly used for making single colour, French and other crystal finger (toe) nails.Common sizes are No.6(#6) to No.24(#24).

Another one is 3D Brush,This is a particularly sharp and small brush with a short body and few hairs, designed for acrylic nail carving.Common sizes are No.2(#2) and No.4(#4).As Pictures No.2 show on!


So,do you know how to use it? Let's tell you!



Use the entire body of the brush to dip it into the acrylic nail solution. Dip the brush into the acrylic nail solution up to the base of the brush, then lick the outside of the brush at the end of the nail solution cup away from you,
squeezing less liquid when using more acrylic nail powder and more liquid when using less liquid, but you must remember to lick only one side of the brush.
The tip of the brush is used to dip into the acrylic nail powder. Dip the tip of the brush into the acrylic nail powder from the outside towards the bottom of the C until the tip forms a ball of acrylic methyl ester.

And How to clean and care our brush? You could learn from this video.

The acrylic brush should be cleaned immediately after use with a brush wash and dried as much as possible on a paper towel, put on a brush sleeve and store. A good quality brush wash should be used, otherwise it will damage the bristles and shorten the life of the acrylic brush.
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