Super Detailed Nail Art Tools and Uses

Super Detailed Nail Art Tools and Uses

Nail trimming tools

  • Nail clippers (nail length trimming)
  • Dead Skin Scissors (Trimming Dead Skin)

  • Dead Skin Fork (push out the dead skin on the edge of the nail, newbie use with caution)

  • Steel Push (push out the softened back and front edge of the nail)

Grinding Tools

  • Manicure rubbing strips (manicure type, with thick and thin sides)
  • Thin sanding strips (for finishing nails, different thicknesses)

  • Buffing Strips (generally used to bring out the shine of the nail surface when only a manicure is done without a style)

  • Sponge sanding strips (to polish the surface of nails, there are coarse and fine surfaces)

Cleaning Tools

  • Dust brushes (sweeping dust)
  • Cleaning pads (to clean excess oil and dust from the nail surface)

  • Alcohol (75% sterilizes, 95% cleanses nail polish and dust)

  • Nail polish remover (removes nails and wipes away nail polish)

Nail Art Brushes

  • Drawing pens: draw long straight lines and contour outlines
  • Flat Tip Coloring Pen: Quickly Draw French Manicure

  • Dot ball pen: Dotting circles while drawing

  • Scalloped Gradient Pen: Fingertip Gradient or Full Nail Glitter

  • Round Tip Light Therapy Pen: Ultimate Single and Dual Color Gradation

  • Color pens: Painting daisies

  • Small brushes: short lines for drawing small scented winds, marbles, etc.

Commonly Used Gel for Nail Art

Nail polish: solid color glue, sequin glue, crystal cat's eye glue, translucent color glue

Functional adhesive: base adhesive, reinforcing adhesive, leave-on sealer, frosting sealer, phototherapy adhesive, nail glue, adhesive diamond adhesive.

Phototherapy lamp

Used to shine dry nail polish, the general base glue sealer shine lamp 60 seconds, color glue 30 seconds.

Note: When using the light therapy lamp, be sure not to irradiate the glue bottle or brush.

Nail Removal Tools

Sanding machine: a position up to 3 times continuously sanding, from top to bottom sanding, novice use with caution

Drill Removal Pliers: Remove Large Jewelry Drills

Remove nail tips: ask customers if they are allergic to them

Sunscreen Tools

Leaky Finger Gloves

Black tape (black insulating tape to cover uncovered areas of gloves)

Ordinary Jewelry Diamonds

Pearls, shells, magic mirror powder, gold leaf, etc.


Magnet: Cat's Eye

Palette: mixing colors

Base: Holds nail pieces for practicing

Tweezers: used to take diamonds, stickers and pearls and other jewelry

Manicure Cotton Pads

Nail: Nail practice styles, extensions, etc

Nutritive oil: moisturizes the edges of the fingers

Softener: Softens the dead skin around the nail bed


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