What is constructing the tip of the nail and what it does

What is constructing the tip of the nail and what it does

What is the structure of the nail tip?

Generally refers to the customer has loose, warping, uneven and other problems, through the use of high hardness extension adhesive or medium hardness reinforcing adhesive, bottom hardness bonding agent reinforcing paving adhesive, so that the surface of the nails to make a transverse parabolic arc, to achieve the flatness and hardness of the nails.

Nail structure is divided into: front nail construction and back nail construction

Front nail construction: uneven nails, hard nail surface, repeated use (a layer of residue) thin and soft nails

Structures behind the nails: services for unevenly painted nail surfaces due to technical or color adhesive quality problems, such as filling and leveling, leveling and reinforcing sequins and other ornament types, perfecting the curvature of holes

Four common nail types that require nail structure:

Flat nails

Uneven nails

Eagle nails

Depressed nails

What is the significance of the nail structure ?

  • Make the surface of the nail flat
  • The nail is weak and easy to break the nail can make it more solid

  • While shaping the curvature of the nail surface, the nail can be shaped and narrowed at the same time

  • Make up for the defects of your own nail surface, improve the flat and concave upward and downward hooks and other undesirable nail type

  • Color adhesive coating is not uniform, the style is thicker, you need to cover the nail can show the degree of sophistication

  • Non-professional manicure methods lead to serious damage to the nail or long-term manicure, and often change the model for fear of excessive polishing to the nail

What kind of people is nail structure suitable for?

  • People who love to do nail art for a long time
  • The nail surface is thin

  • The nail is naturally soft and easy to break

  • Nail surface is very sensitive, same pain when polishing nails
  • Nail surface is flat and has no curvature

  • People who need to correct the shape of their nails, such as upturned nails and downturned nails

When do you need a nail front structure?

When do you need a rear nail structure?

Front Nail Structure: Nail structure first, then color adhesive.

  1. Thin, soft, uneven, upturned and downturned nails, previously placed nail structure leveling
  2. Need to retain a layer of residue
  3. Nail extensions need to be leveled in front of the nail construction

  4. Nail structure is required for styles such as cat's eye, frosted, etc. (if you build directly afterward, you will not be able to see the style)

Posterior nail structure: first color glue and then do the nail structure

  1. Color glue, style uneven (such as sequins, etc.)
  2. High demand for nail art sophistication will do the back of the nail structure, through the surface reflection of the aperture pattern to determine whether the nail surface curvature is the perfect ultimate

Nail builds are actually gel stacks of high points

Short nail

The constructed high point of the short nail is one-half of the nail bed

Long nail

The high point of the long nail structure is in the posterior third of the entire nail's posterior edge

As the nail grows, the high point will continue to move forward until the 3rd-4th week of removal so the need to keep the force on the nail in a safe range at all times requires the use of a build-up.

Method of laying glue on nail structures:

Left and right Z-shaped glue spreading

This method is a test of skill, novice auxiliary glue speed is slow, easy to both sides of the flow of glue: need to adjust the amount of backhand glue heap the highest point, novice operation is not very smooth!

Lnverted triangle spread glue

Beginners easy to operate, laying good glue, just need to backhand control can be, so we explain in detail today - under the inverted triangle laying glue Sokoban method and attention to the key points!

Procedure for use:

  1. Thinly coated extension adhesive fixed border, do not shine the light, take a place to extend the adhesive placed on the surface of the nail 1/2, brush parallel to the surface of the nail, in order to circle the way the adhesive gathered; respectively, to the left apex of the right apex of the light pressure, and then re-gathering the adhesive and pull the adhesive down, so that the adhesive to form an inverted triangle
  2. Use the tip of a pull-over pen to gently tape the root toward the leading edge

  3. Adjust the excess glue gently with a liner to make the curve smooth and natural

  4. Backhand control gel, illumination complete


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