Nail Drill Bits Head Function And Use

Nail Drill Bits Head Function And Use

Learn Nail Art I Nail Polish Head Functions and Use

What does the sander do 
A: It can trim the skin, remove dead skin and dust. It can be used for removing jewelry, removing residue from the edge of the nails, it can be used for polishing the surface of the nails, removing cuticles, carving nails, adjusting the thickness curvature .

📍Mushroom shaped sanding head

Used for:

Exfoliating cuticles, polishing stains on nails, or polishing bumps on real nails.

📍Cylindrical grinding head (flat)

Used for:
Replacing the abrasive strip to carve and grind the nail surface, making the carving and grinding faster, the abrasive mark is even without hurting the nail, and avoiding warping around the rear edge.

📍Cylindrical sanding head (round head)

Used for:
Exfoliating dry skin directly from the back edge and sides, removing hard skin, smoothing the skin and preventing the growth of barbs.

📍Sticker removal sanding head

Used for:
Sanding off the glue that seals the drill bit, small drill bits can be removed directly, large drill bits need to be cut off with drill bit remover pliers, can also be used for sanding dead skin and cutting corners.

📍Pointed sanding head

Use for:
Push up small pockets for deep removal of dead skin in fine areas, with the grinding head at 30-45° to the nail surface, starting from the right nail groove and interacting towards the dry skin.

📍Drill Removal Sticker Head

Use for:
Sand off the glue that seals the drill, then use drill remover scissors, cut off the drill, and also
remove hard calluses on both sides.
Note: Avoid sanding the drill directly on the front side during operation.

📍Small round head sanding

Use for:
Exfoliating dead skin, using the side of the tip to push up the excess keratinized portion of the skin using a point as a surface, also suitable for foot hard skin and corns removal.

📍Round grinding head

Use for:
Directly removes dry skin from the back edge and sides, smoothing the skin and preventing the growth of ingrown nails, without damaging the nail.

📍Conical grinding head

Use for:
Exfoliating cuticles, cleaning dead skin around the edges of the nails, or sanding nail polish in the nail grooves.

📍Natural Nail Polishers

Use for:
Quickly polish pockets of dead skin at the back edge of the head and the top of the nails can also be used as a carving and polishing of the nails, it is recommended to use it on soft skin.

📍Rocket head

Use for:
Polishing dead skin around the edges and inside of nails, removing thick cuticles, removing drills, etc.

📍Corn head

Use for:
Remove polish nails, extension nails, crystal nails, rounded head design is not easy to hurt the skin of nail edge.

📍Flint (stone)

Use for:
Replacing sponge rubbing buffing strips to polish and buff nails.

📍Polishing head

Use for:
Polishing nails after sanding to give them a shiny, hard finish.

📍Sanding brush

Use for:
Use with sanders for high speed cleanup and quick cleaning of nail dust.


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