How to Use Nail Art Paper Forms?

How to Use Nail Art Paper Forms?

1. What is a nail art form?

nail art form is a tool used to extend and shape nails, which is usually made of a soft and moldable material. Compared to traditional spiked false nails, nail art form are more flexible and can accommodate a wide range of nail shapes and lengths. This makes it an ideal choice whether you want the natural look of short nails or a more exaggerated and striking look.

2. Why choose nail art paper form?

  1. Unlimited creativity: Nail Art form provides a wide range of creative space for nail artists. You can use this tool to create nails of any shape and length to realize your whims and fancies.
  2. Adaptable: Unlike the traditional patch-type false nails, the nail art paper form can better fit the curves of the nails and make the overall effect more natural. It is suitable for different shapes of nails and can easily cope with various design needs.
  3. Improved comfort: Due to the soft material of the nail art paper form, it is more comfortable to wear. This means you can maintain a beautiful nail look for a long time without discomfort.

3. How to use nail art forms?

a. Preparation: Make sure your nail surface is clean, dry and shaped before applying the Nail Art Stretcher.

b. Shaping: Gently shape the Nail Art form along the curve of your nail to make sure it fits your nail perfectly.

c. Color and Decorate: Once the form is attached, you can start applying nail polish or other decorations. Use your creativity to create a unique nail design.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Before you start, make sure you have all the necessary supplies:

Step 2: Prep Your Natural Nails

Ensure your natural nails are clean, dry, and free of any polish or oils. Trim and shape your nails to your desired length and form.

Step 3: Apply Nail Dehydrator and Primer

To ensure better adhesion, apply a nail dehydrator to remove any excess oils from your natural nails. Follow this with a thin layer of primer to promote bonding between the natural nail and the nail form.

Step 4: Choose the Right Nail Form

Select a nail form sticker that matches the desired shape and length for your nail design. Nail forms come in various styles, including stiletto, almond, square, and coffin, allowing you to customize your look.

Step 5: Shape the Nail Form

Gently shape the nail form to match the curve of your natural nails. The goal is to achieve a snug fit that follows the natural contour of your nail.

Step 6: Apply the Nail Form

Place the shaped nail form under the free edge of your natural nail, ensuring a secure fit along the sidewalls. If using a dual-form (for sculpting gel or acrylic), ensure the form extends slightly beyond the tip of your natural nail.

Step 7: Secure the Form

Adhere the sides of the nail form to your natural nails, creating a well-defined structure for your extension. Pay attention to ensure the form is securely attached without any gaps.(If it doesn't fit well enough you can use scissors to cut out a snug fit before using it.)

Step 8: Apply Acrylic or Gel Product

Using your chosen acrylic or gel product, carefully sculpt the nail extension onto the form. Ensure even coverage and smooth application. If using gel, cure the product under a UV or LED lamp according to the product's instructions.

Step 9: Shape and File

Once the acrylic or gel has fully cured, gently remove the nail form. Shape and file the extended nail to your desired length and shape, refining the edges and surface.

Step 10: Buff and Seal

Buff the nail surface to smooth out any imperfections. Finish by applying a top coat to seal and protect your stunning nail design.

4. Benefits of using nail shapes

  1. Versatility and customization:Nail shapes offer unmatched versatility in shaping and extending nails. Unlike pre-made tips, they can be customized to fit any nail shape or size, allowing for endless customization. Whether you prefer a classic almond shape or an edgy stiletto design, nail shapes can fulfill your creative vision.
  2. Enhanced comfort: The flexibility and malleability of the nail shape ensures a comfortable fit. They conform to the natural contours of the nail, making them a comfortable choice for long-term wear. This comfort is especially beneficial for customers who prefer an elongated nail design without compromising ease of use.
  3. Economical and environmentally friendly: Nail stencils are a cost-effective alternative to pre-made nail tips. Since they are reusable, you can significantly reduce waste compared to disposable tips. This makes them an eco-friendly choice for professional nail salons and DIY nail technicians.
  4. Easy Removal and Maintenance: Removing nail shapes is a breeze and the process is less damaging to natural nails than other techniques. This easy removal facilitates regular maintenance and allows the user to change the design or style without putting undue strain on the natural nail.

We will show you a video on how to use the BQAN Nail Art form.

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