BQAN Mini USB Nail Lamp UV/LED Nail Drying Lamp for Curing All Gel Nail Polish Portable Nail Dryer Manicure Tool

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*1. Material: ABS+soft glue 

*2. Lamp beads: 8pcs LED/UV double light source 

*3. Power supply: USB

*4. Tube length: 300 mm

*5. Working principle: infrared sensing 

*6. Output power: 8W

*7. Input voltage: 5V

*8. Power: 16W

*9. Product size: 41*7*1.6CM


*1. The soft tube can be adjusted freely for full-directional drying, no dead angles, fast and effective drying. 360 degrees bendable can meet the needs of different angles. 

*2. Suitable for drying nail tips, rhinestones, nail gels, etc., easy to operate with this nail lamp. 

*3. Adopt 8pcs LED/UV double light source lamp beads, providing enough lighting for drying nails. 

*4. Small and portable, easy to carry. 

*5. Safe and durable, not easy to damage and long service life. 

Package Includes:

1x Nail Lamp