BQAN Nail Polisher 35000RPM Manicure Pedicure Set Electric Rechargeable Portable Professional Nail Drill Machine

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The portable manicure device is a combined micromotor and control unit in a handle.It works from the mains and the battery. Power enough to cope with the treatment of the lateral rollers, the skin of the feet, as well as to remove artificial nail coating.

Features and characteristics of the cutter:
✅Tip with swivel lock, tight design, safety, convenience.
✅Screen that shows the level of set speed
✅Easy operation
✅Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
✅6 hours of use after 1.5 hours full charge
✅Battery capacity 2000 mAH
✅Compact size
✅Complete set of cutters

Color: Pink、white、Black Grey
Power: 25W
Single package size: 30X34X50 cm
Speed: 0-3000 rpm
Weight: 0.98 kg