BQAN Leather Nail Hands Holder Arm Rest Manicure Hands Cushion Stand with Stainless Steel Bracket For Nail Art Manicure Pillow

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Item Type: Nail Hand Holder

Material: Faux Leather, Stainless Steel, Sponge

Advantage: Foldable, Soft, Hand Support, Manicure Tool.

Real Microfibre Leather Nail Arm Rest - The leather is fine, textured and skin-friendly. The nail arm rest provides support, and your client's arm will feel comfortable on it (won't feel sour) while you design their nails.

For Both Hand and Foot Manicures - 19.3x4x5.5 inches (lengthx widthx high), It can be used for both hand and foot manicures, because of this nail arm rest have 4 stainless steel stand and is very strong and sturdy.

Almost All Brands of Nail Lamps Fit Perfectly Underneath - Save space on nail table and improve nail efficiency, it will make the nail table look neater, you can dry client's nails immediately after applying nail polish.

Works Well with Nail Dust Collector - The regular size nail dust collector fits perfectly underneath, the client places their hand on the nail hand pillow at just the right height so that you can easily remove the nail and the client doesn't feel sore hands.

Cleaning Instructions - It's very convenient to clean it with baby wipes or a wet cloth. Please don't use acidic or corrosive liquids to clean this nail hand rest cushion. Do not use any alcohol or acetone on the leather surface directly!