BQAN Nail Light 168W High Power Machine LED Intelligent Induction Nail Dryer Household Quick Dry Baking Light Nail UV Lamp

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Nail 168W High power machine is an efficient and convenient household nail tools. It features an LED induction design that automatically switches on and off when hands are put in or taken out, eliminating the hassle of manual operation. 60W high power baking lamp can quickly dry nails, so that your manicure time is more saved. In addition, it is suitable for a variety of nail polish, gel, glue and other nail products, is every beauty lover's must-have.
This high-power machine is compact and portable, and can be used anytime and anywhere for easy storage. Using materials, and durable, long time use is not easy to damage. Make your manicure process more pleasant and .
Arm Rest for Acrylic Nails Nail Latex Silicone Led Lamp.
  • Household Convenience: Compact And Portable, Can Be Used Anytime And Anywhere, Convenient Storage.
  • And Reliable: Using Materials, And Durable, Long Time Use Is Not Easy To Damage.
  • High Power Baking Lamp: 168W High Power, Fast Drying Nails, Shorten Waiting Time.
  • Nail Must-have: Suitable For Nail Polish, Gel, Glue And Other Nail Products.
  • LED Induction Design: Automatic Induction Hand Into Or Out, Convenient And Labor-saving.