BQAN Mini Portable Rechargeable LED Nail Lamp Gel Nail Handheld Ultraviolet Pen Light

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BQAN Mini Portable Rechargeable LED Nail Lamp Gel Nail Handheld Ultraviolet Pen Light


🎑Nail Lamp With Foldable Stand: This UV nail lamp has a foldable stand, allowing you to easily realize two uses of one led nail lamp portable, and the stand can help you free your hands. This way you can easily glue on your nail tips or nail decorations yourself.

🎑Portable Design: This mini UV led nail lamp is small and lightweight, with a simple design of 4.5*0.7*0.7 inches. It can be carried with you. Whether you are on a business trip or traveling, you can easily place it in your backpack without any pressure. With our nail dryer, you don’t need to take out a bulky and bulky nail art lamp to stick nail patches and nail art accessories.

🎑Timing Function: The gel uv led nail lamp has two timing functions: 20 seconds and 60 seconds. Short press for 20 seconds to set the timer, and long press for 2 seconds to set the timer for 60 seconds. Our nail uv lamp can free your hands, and the nail art lighting is more accurate. You can choose different curing times of oil glue according to your manicure needs, making manicure more easy and convenient.

🎑USB Charging: The portable nail lamp adopts a user-friendly USB charging design, which is simple and convenient to supply power. And it can achieve 30 days of ultra-long standby time, and it can be used continuously for 50+ times when fully charged. We provide USB charging cables, and the type-c port can charge it, such as chargers, laptops, computers and mobile power supplies.


Q: What is a portable handheld nail lamp?

A: A portable handheld nail lamp is a compact and convenient device used to cure gel nail polish. It emits UV or LED light, which speeds up the drying process and ensures a long-lasting manicure. Its small, portable design allows for easy use at home or on the go.

Q: How do I use a portable handheld nail lamp?

A: To use a portable handheld nail lamp, apply a coat of gel polish to your nails as you normally would. Then, turn on the nail lamp and hold it close to your nails, ensuring the light covers the entire nail surface. Follow the recommended curing time provided by the gel polish manufacturer, typically between 30 to 60 seconds per coat.

Q: What are the benefits of using a portable handheld nail lamp?

A: The main benefits include convenience and portability, allowing you to achieve salon-quality nails anywhere. It also speeds up the drying process of gel polish, making your manicure more durable and long-lasting. Additionally, these lamps are usually easy to operate and cost-effective compared to frequent salon visits.

Q: Is a portable handheld nail lamp safe to use?

A: Yes, it is generally safe to use a portable handheld nail lamp. However, it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and not overexpose your skin to UV light. Some lamps use LED light, which is considered safer and less harmful than UV light. Using sunscreen on your hands before curing can provide added protection.

Q: Are there any benefits to buying mini nail lamp in bulk?

A: Absolutely! We offer discounts for purchases of 100 units or more.


If you need to buy over 100, remember to contact us for a discount!


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