BQAN Double Aluminum Dual Extensionnail Nail Form Professional French False Nail Tips System UV GEL Acrylic Nail Form

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✨ BQAN Nails aluminum nail sculpting form is a tough paper and high quality adhesive. Its hard paper quality and strong adhesive provide confidence and stability for any application, which is what nail artists need in nail forms to prevent the form from opening, adjusting or repositioning during service.

✨ BQAN Nails double aluminum nail sculpting form is every nail artist's favorite nail form because of its quality and performance. Designed to help nail artists create amazing nail extensions according to the client's needs, whether it's extravagant long nails or short natural nails.

BQAN Nails aluminum nail sculpting form has an aluminum coating, it also has an XL length scale guide, the materials they were constructed with are hard but at the same time easy to bend providing maximum stability.

BQAN Nails aluminum nail sculpting form has precise nail sizing with a number line allowing all your nails to be the same size, allowing you to design elegant nails easily.
✨ 1 roll contains 300 pcs.

How To Use Nail Form?

1、Peel the Nail Form off the paper and use the middle line to centre with the middle point of the nail.

2、Carefully wrap the form around the nail, ensuring the form sits under the nail with no gap.

3、Press the sides together and pinch the top of the form to secure.

4、Use the form as a guide to create your desired length of nail extension.

5、Once you have finished your final cure, gently pinch the side tabs and slowly pull to remove the form before filing your nails into shape.

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