BQAN 35000RPM Professional Compact Cute Smile Nail Drill Machine

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1. Cute internet celebrity cabin design.

2. Dot matrix gradient color speed indicator.

3. A cute smiling face will appear when it's working.

4. The speed control lever can easily adjust the speed from left to right.

5. Easy to switch between forward and reverse with the left button.

6. One-key operation for on/off and pause with the right button.

7. Speed, forward, and reverse instructions are clear to be shown on the screen.

8. Comes with a handpiece holder hole.

9. There is a drill bits storage box on the back.

10. Equipped with a pure copper motor handpiece with a maximum speed of 35000RPM.

11. The bottom of the control box is non-slip and breathable and easy to dissipate heat design.