BQAN 3 In 1 Professional 60 W Nail Vacuum Dust Collector For Nail Salon Powerful Nail Fan With 1 Dust Brush and Lamp

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Strong rotation speed of the dust fan collector is up to 4500 rpm, easy to collect nail gel powder, acrylic nail powder, dip powder and polyethylene extension gel powder. Perfect for personal use or salon use.

Using the adjustable rotary switch to control the suction force, you can choose different suction force to complete your nail art.

Use replaceable filter pad to collect dust, no need to change the dust bag every time, and it is easy to clean the filter pad with hair dryer or nail brush for dust.

With LED nail drill lamp can freely change position, arbitrary rotation and angle adjustment to illuminate different directions, very flexible and convenient.

The professional nail dust collector absorbs dust from various nail care processes, which brings you a comfortable working place to breathe freely.