BQAN 2023 New design Half Moon LED Lamp Continuous Dimmer Nail Lamp For Nail Salon

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With phone holder sticker drill half-moon nail lamp(Each nail technician live necessities)
Introducing our amazing Pro Table Lamp - the ultimate accessory for any professional nail artist or enthusiast! One of the key features of our Pro Table Lamp is its powerful bulbs, which are designed to provide bright, natural-looking light that mimics daylight. This allows the technician to see the colors and details of the client's nails more clearly, and ensures that they can work with precision and accuracy. All this done with no damage to the eyes!
  • ⚡️ Half moon light 2,520 LUMENS, CCT (Correclated Colour Temperature 2700K - 5600k), CRI (Colour Rending Index  RA> 95.  With a light output over 2,500 lumens, this energy-efficient desk lamp is also ideal for nail art, as well as reading, knitting, circuit board work and soldering and can last up to 50,000 hours. It eliminates shadows. And the best part is it doesn’t get hot even if you use it for hours.
  • ⚡️ELEGANT & ERGONOMIC DESIGN - This light is ideal for nail artist to place on manicure table to get all the lighting and angles when working on nails.  It's designed to sit sturdy and cleanly on manicure table and safe space.  
  • ⚡️ STURDY BASE & ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - the solid and heavy flat base is designed to avoid any tip overs and provide exceptional strength for heavy duty work. 
  • ⚡️ DIMMABLE WITH ADJUSTABLE COLOR TEMPERATURE - the stepless dimming feature makes it easier to adjust the brightness level from 0% to 100%. You can manually manipulate the light giving you more control over how much the light source exudes in your environment. You can also adjust the color temperature from 2700K (warm light) to 5600K (daylight). You can easily customize the perfect light setting for your every need.
  • ⚡️ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED WARRANTY – If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us and we will make it right! A full one-year (1) warranty is included.
  • BEST USE FOR: nails service like acrylic nails, SNS, polish, etc. Beauty make up lighting, reading, knitting, soldering, circuit board work, et


  • Input Power: 110V/240V 50Hz/60Hz
  • Output Power: 36/40/50W
  • Adjustment Range 0% - 100%
  • Correlated Colour Temperature: 2700K - 5600K
  • Colour Rendering Index: RA>95
  • Lumen: 2520LM
  • Light Source: LED
  • Lift Span: 5000 hours
  • Material: Aluminum, Metal, PVC
  • Dimensions: 28" Lenght, 14" Height, 1" Thickness
Packing List:
  • 1x Lamp Body
  • 2x Iron Base
  • 1x Power Adapter 
  • 1x Screwdriver
  • 4x Screw