BQAN 10 Sizes Of Half French Deck Nail Tips XXL Extra Long Flat Tapered Square 500 C-curl Nail Tips For Professional Acrylic Nails

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😍High quality acrylic material: extra long non C-curved nail tips made of high quality acrylic material, strong, not easily deformed, not easy to break, no peculiar smell, with a certain thickness and length, no trimming, can be used directly, and the service cycle is up to 2 to 3 weeks.

🥰C-curved no C curved nail tips: extra long nails without C curve are updated on the basis of C curved false nails, and the length has been lengthened to become XXL French nails. You can modify their shape or length according to your needs.

🎁Unique polypropylene box packaging: clear acrylic nail tips use boxes for packing, each grid is equipped with the same number of nail pieces, there will be no number confusion. The compact and sturdy box is easy to carry and protects the nails from damage.

🔥10 different sizes: there are 10 different sizes, 0-9, which can meet the needs of different size fingers. Each is numbered with 10 pieces, perfectly placed in the box, it is convenient for you to choose and track the type of nails you need.

❤️Wide application: XXL long French long nail tips have a certain length, you can make many different kinds of false nails by trimming and polishing, for example, coffin short ballerina, long French nails, long needle false nails, medium length ballerina tips.


 Q: Can these be used with the gel nail glue or just the regular nail glue?

 A: Hi dear, it just the regular nail glue.

 Q: Does this kit have a variety of sizes or just 1 size?

 A: Hi dear, The kit you inquired about comes in variety of sizes

 Q: Do these nail tips work with the nail kit that comes up with the code FN002

 A: Hi dear, yes! The default product in the nail kit is FN002

 Q: will these work like the gelx extensions?

 A: Hi dear, yes, this is the extension nail tips.

 Q: I have a gel allergy, are these made from gel or plastic?

 A: Hi dear , they are made of ABS plastic.

 Q: Can I get certain sizes only? I have an abundance of these, but only need to reorder 7, 8, 9, and 10s.

 A: Hi dear, I'm sorry that our products do not support only purchase some of the size.But if you need a lot of them, we can support customization!

 Q:Do you offer customisation? 

A:We can and love collaborating with brands to create designs tailored to them! If you're interested in working together for your next campaign of product line-up, drop us a note at and we'll be in touch!

Q:Do you do wholesale?

A:Yes, we do! Please get in touch with us at for more information.

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